Outrigger pads made of plastic: a versatile base for high stability

When dealing with heavy machines, work platforms, heavy duty cranes and other vehicles of this kind, a firm footing is indispensable. Up or down gradients, or uneven ground must be properly compensated to ensure safe working. Plastic outrigger pads in particular enjoy great popularity for this purpose and score points over models made of wood, rubber or steel with numerous advantages.

Plastic outrigger pads from LuxTek: Choose top-quality products from an experienced, traditional manufacturer.

With LuxTek plastic outrigger pads, you can flexibly and reliably protect substrates against heavy loads. At the same time you create a secure underground for man and machine.

Crane support beam

• plastic PE-HD
• measure up to 1000 x 200 mm
• thickness up to 100 mm
• for every underground
• loadable depending on installation

Outrigger pad Rolling

Rolling Unterlegplatte

• plastic PE-HD
• measure up to Ø 1190 mm
• thickness up to 80 mm
• for every underground
• loadable up to 70 t

Support pad Performance

LuxTek Abstützplatte Performance

• plastic PE-HD
• measure up to 1200 x 1200 mm
• thickness up to 60 mm
• for every underground
• loadable up to 60 t
• also available with box

Support pads Module

Abstützplatten aus Kunststoff

• plastic PE-HD
• measure up to 1200 x 1200 mm
• thickness individual
• for every underground
• highly loadable

Support system Dynamic Module

Abstützkeil von LuxTek

• plastic PE-HD
• measure individual
• thickness individual
• for slopes and gradients
• highly loadable

Support pad Steel

Kranmatte Steel

• steel
• measure up to 2400 x 3200 mm
• thickness up to 240 mm
• for every underground
• loadable up to 230 t

Support pad Multiplex

LuxTek Abstützplatten aus Holz

• hardwood beech
• measure up to 600 x 600 mm
• thickness up to 50 mm
• for every underground
• loadable up to 23 t
• also available with box

Support pad Elastic

Gummi Abstützplatte von LuxTek

• natural/styrene butadiene rubber
• measure up to 1000 x 1000 mm
• thickness up to 50 mm
• for every underground
• loadable up to 20 t

Advantages and applications of plastic outrigger pads

Plastic outrigger pads are one of our core products and are particularly popular with our customers over models made of rubber, steel or hardwood. There are many reasons for this:

  • Robust: Plastic is extremely resistant and, depending on the model, can withstand very high loads without being damaged. Our products are low-wear and unbreakable.
  • Light-weight: Compared to steel plates, plastic outrigger pads are particularly light-weight and therefore safe to transport. The pads are easy to move, so they can be laid quickly and flexibly.
  • Durable: Plastic is very durable, so you can use your outrigger pads for many years. While wood panels quickly deteriorate when used for long periods in changeable weather conditions, plastic pads can easily withstand this load as well.
  • Optimal support: Outrigger pads provide optimal support on any surface.

Our high-quality outrigger pads made of plastic in an overview

  • Quality: The outrigger pads are made of robust, durable PE-HD plastic and are produced by pressing in Germany. They contain no plasticizers and comply with all valid DIN and ISO standards.
  • Resistant: These plastic pads can withstand temperature fluctuations between -80 ° C and 80 ° C. They are resistant to frost and heat as well as UV radiation.
  • Customizable: On request, we can provide your plastic outrigger pads with a personal logo or name milling.

Outrigger pads made of plastic & more: The LuxTek range

LuxTek is specialized in the development of high-quality products in the areas of ground protection and support technology. We also offer you versatile solutions in the field of plastics engineering, with which you can always rely on safety and functionality. Whether it is a platform for your mobile construction road or a high-quality support pads: we design products that prove themselves in everyday life and convince our customers across the board.

Do you have questions about our plastic outrigger pads or would you like to get advice on other products from our range? Then contact us. We are happy to inform you personally – also about how you can rent our road plates from us.