Plastics engineering

From the development to the finished product

LuxTek offers plastics engineering for high standards. For 10 years we have been working successfully with construction and automotive industry in a problem-solving and collaborating way to combine the latest manufacturing technique for high demands and flexibility. Our modern machinery and the know-how in the individual and series production guarantee a fast and solution-oriented implementation and production of your ideas.

LuxTek works with you together to develop the right plastic product for your application

Do you have any precise ideas as to what the required workpiece should look like in detail or do you have a special starting situation for which no solution is yet available? We work with you to find the right product, from the idea to the creation of models to the completion of your workpiece.

In the case of special pieces, we create the necessary templates and devices to initiate the implementation. Gluing, screwing, welding and inserting plastic products is also a welcome change for us.

The quality and state of all LuxTek products are constantly proofed by TÜV Rhineland Industrie Service GmbH.

Plastics machining / CNC machining for milled parts

We manufacture your workpieces from plastic to drawing in pdf or DXF / DWG format. For this we have various processing machines available:

• 2,5-dimensional machining on 3-axis machining centers

• 3-dimensional machining on 5-axis machining centers

Application areas of plastics engineering

In mechanical engineering, more and more modern plastics are used instead of the more expensive precious metals. Made of UHMW, they are a little wear and therefore much more durable.

Thanks to the high abrasion and wear resistance the plastic is particularly popular. In addition, the material is characterized by a low coefficient of sliding friction.

In the field of conveyor technology, plastic is today an indispensable part of industry. Low wear and low noise levels are beneficial for conveyor belts and rail systems.

Thanks to its high resistance to abrasion and wear, plastics technology is particularly popular in the field of transport equipment. In addition, the material is characterized by a low coefficient of sliding friction.

Our plastics can be used without hesitation in the food and packaging industry. They are food safe, that means they are approved for contact with food and physiologically harmless. Due to the ideal properties optimal conditions for the production and processing area can be guaranteed.

Due to the positive properties of the PE plastic, it is the ideal material for the filling and beverage industry. Bottling plant operators and manufacturers use the high level of noise and shock absorption as well as wear and abrasion resistance to provide many different areas and parts in this industry with the plastic.

In the chemical and paper industry, plastics technology is often used because they are acid-resistant, unlike metals. This is especially beneficial when surfaces come in contact with aggressive solutions. In addition, the material absorbs virtually no water.

The requirements for components in the electrical industry are high, and only very small manufacturing tolerances are floated. Our special plastics are ideally suited for this purpose, since the resulting parts are equally insulating and conductive and can therefore be ATEX 95 compliant if desired.

Due to the excellent sliding properties and low water absorption, the material from our plastics technology is ideally suited for the bulk material and mining industry. Thus, the plastic may for example be used in critical, gas-containing environments, if sparks flying by friction should be avoided. One positive aspect is the fact that occupational safety is increased and operating costs are reduced.

Due to the positive properties of the PE plastic, it is the ideal material for agricultural technology and agriculture. Our plastics technology is food-safe, low-wear and quiet, making it easy to use in stalls, milking parlors and on the field.

As load and workpiece carriers, our plastics ensure a secure hold during storage and transport due to their good damping and abrasion properties. This minimizes transport damage and complaints. The high dimensional stability of our plastics technology also plays an important role and has advantages over conventional materials.

Statistical analysis

LuxTek is able to simulate the intensity of the payload and to statistically analyze your ambit. We can measure any force effect in different ambits to create the right product for you.

Over 1,000 different plastic products are available for our analysis and with our know how your safety is guaranteed.

Our work in an overview

• CAD-workplaces
• simulations software
• prototype production
• 3D Tool viewer
• data exchange: stp, IGES, DXF, VDA, STL