Road plate Multi-Save

The LuxTek Multi-Save road plate provides excellent traction through the various structures. On the one hand, it is equipped with a fine structure, which facilitates the transition for workers and pedestrians. The other side is provided with a rough structure, through which the vehicles get enough grip even in bad weather.

Advantages and benefits of LuxTek Multi-Save road plates

• easy installation due to low weight
• safe driving and optimal stability on unpaved and soft underground
• loadable and stable
• protect any kind of underground
• long durability – shatterproof and wear-resistant
• easy transport in stackable boxes
• less stressed machines
• low fuel consumption

Characteristics of LuxTek Multi-Save road plates

• plastic PE-HD
• produced in press procedure
• high quality according to DIN and ISO
• plasticizer-free
• high temperature resistance ( -50 °C bis +80 °C)
• no weathering, heat and frost-resistant, UV-resistant

14 mm thickness

item number
item weight unpaved & wet1 unpaved & dry1 reinforced1
FPMS2400120014 Road plate LuxTek Multi-Save 2.400 x 1.200 mm approx. 30,0 kg 5 t 12 t > 50 t

1 pressure values are only guidelines. An analysis of the ground by the user, as well as a consultation by LuxTek are highly recommended before usage.

LuxTek Multi-Save road plates are qualified for the usage with:

• mobile construction roads
• makeshift routes
• working platforms

Green areas
• sport facilities
• cemeteries
• gardens

• event areas
• tentative parking areas
• access roads

Multi-Save road plate set

LuxTek Multi-Save road plates are also available in an affordable set, this means road plates with connection brackets in a fully galvanized metal box.

We offer a selection of different connectors and transport boxes.

Advantages and benefits of LuxTek Multi-Save road plate sets 

• space-saving storage
• easy-care and stackable
• long durability
• easy and safe transport
• optimal grip

Characteristics of LuxTek Multi-Save road plate sets

• fully galvanized metal boxes
• made in Germany
• high quality
• no weathering, heat and frost-resistant

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