LuxTek Steel support pads offers a very high level of stability to large cranes, heavy construction machines and trucks even on difficult undergrounds, and can be used due to its strength to bridge smaller ditches and ravines.

Advantages and benefits of LuxTek Steel support pads

• for heavy machines and equipment
• very robust and extremely resistant
• safety on difficult and inaccessible undergrounds
• bridging of ditches possible

Characteristics of LuxTek Steel support pads

• made of steel
• enhanced with surface structure for better grip
• 4 weld-on brackets (standard: attached outside)
• RAL varnishing
• support pressure of up to 230 t depending on dimensions

The LuxTek Steel support pads are supplied as standard with weld-on brackets attached on the outside. Optional, they are available with eyelets, stacking corners or weld-on brackets installed inside.

LuxTek Steel
LuxTek Abstützplatte
Abstützplatte Stahl
LuxTek Steel Abstützplatte
item number item weight pressure 1
SP20001500160 Support pad LuxTek Steel 2.000 x 1.500 x 160 mm approx. 650 kg 90 t
SP22002000180 Support pad LuxTek Steel 2.200 x 2.000 x 180 mm approx. 960 kg 130 t
SP22002500200 Support pad LuxTek Steel 2.200 x 2.500 x 200 mm approx. 1140 kg 165 t
SP24002500220 Support pad LuxTek Steel 2.400 x 2.500 x 220 mm approx. 1250 kg 180 t
SP24003200240 Support pad LuxTek Steel 2.400 x 3.200 x 240 mm approx. 1920 kg 230 t

1 pressure values are only guidelines. An analysis of the ground by the user, as well as a consultation by LuxTek are highly recommended before usage.

Steel support pads

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