Supporting Blocks made of plastic

Supporting blocks for safe and stable foundation of forklifts and machines

Supporting blocks made of plastic are made of high-quality PE-HD and are suitable for service operations such as maintenance on forklifts and machines. They are supported underneath the devices, providing them with a secure and stable grip in any situation. Thanks to the brushed surface on both sides, they can be safely positioned and slipping is prevented. The supporting blocks are pressure-tested on a regular basis so that your employees can always safely work on forklifts or other equipment.

All supporting blocks have a low weight and are equipped with a carrying handle, so that they can be installed quickly and easily. Unlike supporting blocks made of wood, they are easy to clean, do not absorb liquids and are thus very durable. In addition, the blocks made of plastic characterized by a high support performance.

The supporting blocks are available in two different sizes and have been tested for their daily use in design and material condition. They are available in deep black or black-colored.

The offered products are not the right forklift accessories? We are also happy to create individual products for your application.

Advantages and benefits of LuxTek supporting blocks

• easy installation due to low weight and carrying handle
• optimal stability due to double-sided brushed surface
• highly loadable and extremely stable
• long durability – shatterproof and wear-resistant
• resistant to chemicals and oils
• easy cleaning

Characteristics of LuxTek supporting blocks

• plastic PE-HD
• produced in press procedure, made in Germany
• high quality according to DIN and ISO
• plasticizer-free
• high temperature resistance ( -80 °C bis +80 °C)
• no weathering, heat and frost-resistant, UV- resistant
• application-pressure-tested

Supporting blocks made of plastic

Staplerbock aus Kunststoff

Pressure test supporting blocks

For the supporting blocks, a product-specific pressure test was commissioned in 2018 from an independent materials testing institute. The area load and the point load were tested. The compression test was carried out with the maximum load of 250 kN. In both experimental cases, the supporting blocks have endured the load and withstood the pressure.

Dimensions of the supporting blocks

item number item weight pressure (point load)
SB35015050 Supporting block LuxTek 350 x 150 x 50 mm approx. 5,8 kg 25 t
SB350150100 Supporting block LuxTek 350 x 150 x 100 mm approx. 6,9 kg 25 t


Do you need other dimensions? We are happy to be at your disposal for individual solutions. Just contact us.

LuxTek supporting blocks during forklift maintenance

Stützblöcke aus Kunststoff unter Stapler

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