Flooring system Terraguide®


Terraguide® is a mobile and flexible flooring system with individual plate elements. The temporary laid floor provides with its non-slip surface for a safe and slip-proof walk. Moreover, it makes uneven or boggy undergrounds walkable and provides a comfortable footing. Due to the subtle featured bottom side, the system is also perfect for wiring.

Advantages and benefits of Terraguide® flooring system

• easy laying und quick installation
• one-person-assembly
• elastic and extremely stable at the same time (240 t load per square meter)
• clean and homogeneous surface
• slip-resistant surface structure
• long durability – shatterproof and wear-resistant
• easy cleaning, also possible with high-pressure cleaner
• easy transport in system boxes

Characteristics of Terraguide® flooring system

• plastic PE-regranulate
• made in Germany
• 100% recyclable
• permeable to air and water, colourfast
• no weathering, UV-resistant
• tested by TÜV
• colour: black. Special colors on request

Bodenplatten für Veranstaltungen
LuxTek Bodenplatte Terraguide®

With more than 6,000 surface perforations per m² and the innovative construction of its underside the Terraguide® system ensures the terrain covered has ample light, air and water. In addition, the bottom side is perfectly for wiring.

Sensitive grass fields will be protected from being tramped down and the ground keeps its natural balance. Through its partial layer, the grass will even after a long period of time only be minimally stressed and fully regenerates due to the undamaged and unimpaired undergrounds within a short time.

item number
item measures per single plate
 measures per 1/4 m² unit weight / m² load / m²
TG50050020C Flooring system Terraguide® 500 x 500 x 20 mm 250 x 250 mm 500 x 500 mm approx. 7,5 kg 240 t

Terraguide® flooring system in use

Easy fitting

The individual plate elements are really easy, safe and quick to connect. Therefore, an individual can easily lay out and remove it, even over large areas and without additional tools.

The flexible connection mechanism is not visible when installed – it creates a clean and homogeneous surface without disturbing or even dangerous stumbling edges.

The individual plastic plate elements have excellent stability and high flexibility.

Border edging

Leiste für Terraguide® Bodenplatten

The edging strip is securely connected to the base plates by means of positive locking and thus offers a barrier-free transition.

Due to the uniform connection mechanism for all sides, the logistical effort and the setup time of the floor system are drastically reduced.

The edging strip becomes the perfect advertising medium thanks to its outdoor-capable inlay in a recess on the visible surface. Whether logo, advertising slogan or warning stripes – the message appears durable and attention-grabbing.

System box

The galvanized, stackable system box is the perfect way for easy and safe transport and space-saving storage of the flooring system.

Special tailor made loading packages can be requested.

Transportbox für Bodenplatten

Diverse areas of application and several product descriptions

Our Terraguide® flooring system is often used on green areas, sport facilities and events, indoor as well as outdoor. It is applicable as lawn protection, ground sheet for tents, event and fair floors, mobile paths and drive ways.

The base plates are also termed lawn plates, packing plates, event terrain and lawn cover system.

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